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Upper Hoosic River

Most of the eastern slopes of the northern Taconic Mountains, including some small areas in Rensselaer County, drain east into the upper Hoosic River, whose watershed is mostly in western Massachusetts and southern Vermont. (The Hoosic River downstream of Pownal, Vermont, is considered the lower Hoosic River, and its watershed is displayed separately on this map.)

The Taconic Crest Trail follows the summits and ridges of the Taconics for more than 30 miles from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, to North Petersburgh. For much of the way, the crest of the Taconics is the divide between the Hoosic River watershed on the east and the Kinderhook and Little Hoosic watersheds on the west. The Trail can be accessed from Petersburg Pass along Route 2 at the New York‐Massachusetts Border, from Madden Road off Route 43 in Hancock, Massachusetts, from Pittstown State Forest in Massachusetts, from Route 346 in North Petersburgh, and from several access trails climbing the west and east slopes of the Taconics, including from Mattison Hollow in Cherry Plain.

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