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Fourth Annual Water Chestnut Pull at the Johnsonville Dam on the Hoosic River

Date: Saturday, June 16, 2018 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Join us in our ongoing effort to keep the boat launch above the dam navigable.  Learn about invasive species first hand!  It is dirty and tiring work, but the path has been getting a bit easier every year.  Both boat based and land crew needed.  Co-sponsored with Brookfield Renewable, Hoosic River Watershed Association, the Johnsonville Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary and the Rensselaer Plateau Alliance.

Register in advance to receive free lunch with Kristina Younger by e-mail.

More Details:

Place:  Boat Launch on Hoosic River just above the Johnsonville Dam – on River Road.  Those bringing boats should come to the Boat Launch to unload/load, but then may need to move their cars to the Johnsonville Fire station for overflow parking, depending on turnout.  Food and bathrooms will be available at the Fire House about a quarter nil from the launch all day.

Work description:  Hand pull, collect, and prepare for disposal the invasive water chestnut plant that is choking the boat launch.  There will be three crews working in tandem – boats, waders/shallows, and shore.  Each crew requires different equipment and skills.

The boat-based crew is asked to supply their own canoe/kayak/rowboat, and life jacket, although there will be a few extra boats and life jackets available and a need for “barge crews”.  Hand pulled weeds will be placed into collection baskets and passed to either the shallow water crew or to rowboats/large canoes acting as “barges”.  This task is the most physically demanding, and where the most volunteers are needed.

A limited number of waders will be available for the use of the shallow water crew – those who have their own should bring them.  The seeds of this invasive have sharp thorns and good soles are highly recommended.  The shallow water crew will collect baskets from the boat-based crew to pass to the shore crew (and pass empties back to be refilled), as well as pull shallow weeds.  Youths under age 16 will be required to wear life jackets for this activity.

Shore crew requires footwear with good soles.  Full baskets will be dumped in designated areas and empty ones conveyed to the shallow water/barge crew.

All should wear weather appropriate clothing and expect to get wet and dirty.

Water, lunch, and snacks will be provided to all volunteers.  Any specific dietary needs should be conveyed at registration.  Nitrile gloves, collection baskets, and a boat washing station to prevent the spread of invasive species will be provided.  The job requires average to good fitness and a pleasant disposition.

Starting time is 9AM with check-in and crew assignment, and setting the line for the path clearing.  Partial day commitments are welcome.  This is a big (and multi-year) job.  We have a modest goal of clearing a path to the shore.  We want to know the name of every individual that participates so that we can properly acknowledge and thank them, so registration in advance is strongly encouraged.

Learn more about our invasive species work by clicking HERE.

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