Conserving Land • Protecting Resources
Since 1987

Town located in: Stephentown

Number of acres: 127.13 acres

Protected since 2013

The donated 127.13 acre Ridgeline Conservation Easement property is privately owned and is open to the public only by prearranged special permission from the landowners and Rensselaer Land Trust and only for walking. The protected conservation values of the property are the water quality of Tributary 29 and its watershed, its agricultural and woodland viability and productivity, wetlands, wildlife diversity and habitats, landscape‐scale conservation and reduction of land fragmentation, and the conservation of its scenic and open space resources. It is a working forest conservation easement with five different zones where different activities are permitted and others restricted. The zones are a wetland/pond zone, wildflower zone, agricultural zone, barn area, and a working forest zone.


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