Conserving Land • Protecting Resources
Since 1987

Town located in: Stephentown

Number of acres: 76.4 acres

Protected since 2007

The donated 76.4 acre Randall Brook Conservation Easement property is privately owned and is not open to the public. The property contains an 18th century Baptist Cemetery that has been restored through the efforts of the original conservation easement donor, the Stephentown Historical Society and the Rensselaer Land Trust. The property has meadows, is heavily wooded with hardwoods and hemlocks, contains a beaver pond, several old woods roads and paths, and borders on the Randall Brook, a NYS designated Class C(T) trout stream. The easement is a working forest easement. Its primary purposes are to protect the Randall Brook Watershed, a NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Class II wetland, the Randall Brook, the forest’s productivity, and the scenic character of the property for the public. It has three zones: residential areas, working forest, and wetlands. This conservation easement allows for two building sites, each of which may have a single family residence and associated outbuildings built on them. The conservation easement prohibits further development, mining, and dumping.


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