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Since 1987

Simonson prop 1960 Town located in: Nassau

Number of acres: 154.3 acres

Protected since 2008

The donated 154.3 acre Mashodack Road Conservation Easement property is privately owned and is not open to the public. The property contains agricultural fields, working woods, several ponds, a small wetland and numerous natural springs. It is a working farm with hay fields. The protected conservation values of the property are its agricultural viability and productivity; water quality of its natural springs, ponds, streams and wetlands; landscape‐scale conservation and reduction of land fragmentation; conservation of productive forests; and the property’s scenic and open space resources. The conservation easement provides for the following zones with each zone containing different restrictions: farmstead/residential zone, forest zone, agricultural zone, wetland zones, and buffer zones.

Simonson prop 1967   Simonson prop 1971   Simonson prop 1979  

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