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Since 1987

plateau escarpment1Town located in: Poestenkill

Number of acres: 56.17 acres

Protected since 2000

The 56.17 acre Plateau Escarpment Conservation Easement property is privately owned and is only open to the public by prearranged special permission from the landowner and Rensselaer Land Trust for scientific and educational conservation study. It is located on the western escarpment of the Rensselaer Plateau and is covered by Appalachian oak‐hickory forest and chestnut oak forest. There a number of exposed rock ledges where lichens are prevalent, offering some scenic overlooks. The property is adjacent to the Camp Rotary Scout Reservation, and together the two properties create a 1,357 acre forested conservation area. This property was donated to Rensselaer Land Trust; we placed a conservation easement on it to conserve it and then sold it.

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