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Since 1987

common farms1Town located in: Poestenkill

Number of acres: 129.5 acres

Protected since 2003

The Common Farms Conservation Easement property is privately owned by 13 landowners and is open to the public only for walking and only by prearranged special permission from the landowners and Rensselaer Land Trust. The owners of the property treat the conserved lands as a refuge for animals and people alike. The land is heavily wooded with very large mature hemlock trees bordering the gorge of the Poesten Kill. The property descends into a ravine down to the Poesten Kill. This is a forever wild conservation easement prohibiting development, high voltage wires, pollution of water and land, motorized vehicles, hunting, trapping, and timber harvest. This easement is adjacent to The Nature Preserve’s Barberville Falls, and together these two conserved properties create a 270 acre protected natural area.

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