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Since 1987

capital district farms1Town located in: Brunswick

Number of acres: 8.2 acres

Protected since 2005

capital district farms2The Capital District Farms Conservation Easement property is privately owned and not open to the public. It is an 8.2 acre restored cattail wetland adjacent to a dairy farm. The owner worked with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service to prevent runoff from his operations and to keep cattle out of the wetland. The wetland is upstream from the Poestenkill aquifer and serves as a buffer between the dairy farm and the aquifer. This is a wetland mitigation site required of Besicorp‐Empire Power Company, LLC, who filled in a different wetland of 2.7 acres to construct a 16” natural gas pipeline. Rensselaer Land Trust worked together with the landowner of Capital District Farms, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, New York District and Besicorp‐Empire Power Company, LLC, to restore and protect this wetland. This conservation easement prohibits development, mining, dumping, draining, dredging, non‐forest agricultural uses, commercial activity, and motorized vehicles. The easement is a donated easement.

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