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As of January 1, 2024, the Rensselaer Land Trust has merged with the Rensselaer Plateau Alliance. For all questions regarding donations, events, land, or other matters, please visit or call 518-712-9211. For questions about the merger, use extension 101 to speak with Jim Bonesteel. You can expect a new name and logo for our merged organization by Spring / Summer 2024 and a new website by the end of the year!

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Rensselaer Plateau Trail Vision

The Rensselaer Plateau Alliance (RPA) has taken the lead in developing a trail network on the Plateau that connects county‐wide. The Rensselaer Plateau Alliance worked with the Rensselaer Land Trust and other local organizations to develop the Rensselaer Plateau Regional Trails Vision, bringing all plateau municipalities, landowners, recreation organizations, and the public together to create a vision for a future network of trails. The first phase of the project developed a map of all existing public trails across the Rensselaer Plateau, and engaged the public in a series of workshops for both input and education. A final report summarized the results of the public process, and developed a draft vision map.

Partner Trails RPA

Phase II, which is contingent upon funding, will allow for the development of a Trail Vision Plan. This Plan would illustrate the envisioned future trail network (including alternatives as appropriate). The plan will utilize graphics and photos to help convey the potential of this network as a recreational and economic asset to the Plateau and the region. This document will be distributed widely to inspire action by communities and organizations across the Plateau. For more information, visit

In preparation for a more formal Traverse trail, the Rensselaer Land Trust and RPA do a Traverse Hike every year in September. See the Outings page for details.

We were the lead organization in forming a Rensselaer County Trail Vision Plan in 2009. Since that time many trails have advanced. A Trail Vision Plan was published in 2015 and can be found here.