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Kristina croppedThe Rensselaer Land Trust is proud to be celebrating 30 years of land conservation work in Rensselaer County. We are taking time to reflect, reorganize, and regroup as we prepare to enter the next chapter in our organization’s history. The opportunity to hire new staff in a leadership position provides a chance to explore possibilities. We have a strong Board of Directors, loyal supporters, an engaged and active volunteer corps, and a solid foundation to build on.

As members and supporters of the Rensselaer Land Trust, you can continue to expect that we will stay focused on our land conservation mission, while presenting programs and resources to increase appreciation and use of Rensselaer County’s natural beauty. Our County-wide Conservation Plan, which is well into development, will provide direction based on data and public input for preservation priorities. We will partner with others that share our goals to get even more done. We will do this while upholding the standards and practices that our accredited status recognizes. We will manage the organization, and the trust that you place in it through your loyal contributions, so that we are financially sustainable and here for the long term.

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Kristina Younger, President

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Thank you to Redfin for sponsoring our Educational Hikes, Workshops, and Lectures.

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