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As of January 1, 2024, the Rensselaer Land Trust has merged with the Rensselaer Plateau Alliance. For all questions regarding donations, events, land, or other matters, please visit or call 518-712-9211. For questions about the merger, use extension 101 to speak with Jim Bonesteel. You can expect a new name and logo for our merged organization by Spring / Summer 2024 and a new website by the end of the year!

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dillbrooksmRensselaer Land Trust has received a $5,000 grant from the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) in support its RBC Blue Water Project.

Chosen as a grant recipient for its shared commitment to protect watersheds, Rensselaer Land Trust will use the $5,000 grant to increase watershed awareness by developing an online interactive map of Rensselaer County's watersheds, water districts and water sources.

jimwandchristineyThe RBC Blue Water Project is a wide-ranging, multi-year program to help foster a culture of water stewardship. Since lack of access to clean water is considered to be one of the major threats to human health and economic development around the world, RBC is working to create a "blue water future" of sustainable water resources worldwide. The first phase of the RBC Blue Water Project is a grant program of $50 million over ten years.

(Jim Watkinson, wealth manager for RBC, congratulates Christine Young, executive director.)

icefistsm"We will make information on water sources easily available to anyone with internet access, increasing awareness about the importance of water resources and how to keep water clean," Nick Conrad, President of Rensselaer Land Trust, said. "We could not accomplish our mission without the support of companies like RBC who share in our beliefs about the value of protecting nature's most precious resource."

(Water photos copyright Trix Niernberger)