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Waterfalls of Rensselaer County
Lower Black River Falls
Hoags Corners Falls and Wynants Kill Falls
Barberville Falls and Fred's Falls
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The RLT has identified 56 waterfalls in Rensselaer County, with the assistance of area naturalists Steve Young and Russell Dunn. We have mapped these waterfalls in our GIS along with other unique geological features. The five waterfalls featured here are those which were visited on the 2000 R-TLC waterfalls outing.

Table of Rensselaer County Waterfalls

1 Mattison Hollow lower waterfalls Berlin
2 Davis Cascade falls, Mattison Hollow Berlin
3 Black River upper waterfalls Berlin
4 Black River east branch waterfalls Berlin
5 Black River west branch waterfalls Berlin
6 Black River lower waterfalls Berlin
7 Eagle Mills falls in Poesten Kill Brunswick
8 Fred's Falls (Cropseyville) Brunswick
9 Buttermilk Falls on Poesten Kill Brunswick
10 Dearstyne Road falls Brunswick
11 upper waterfalls on Mill Brook East Greenbush
12 lower waterfalls on Mill Brook East Greenbush
13 disappearing waterfalls (Slide Mountain) Grafton
14 Indian Creek ravine including waterfalls Grafton
15 Bernie Pond Brook waterfalls Grafton
16 Bonesteel Creek falls Grafton
17 falls in Walloomsac River at Columbia Mill Hoosick
18 waterfalls on Walloomsac River at North Hoosick Hoosick
19 Hoosick Falls cataracts in Hoosic River Hoosick
20 Tsatsawassa Creek waterfalls Nassau
21 East Nassau falls Nassau
22 waterfalls near Nassau Lake Nassau
23 waterfalls in Rensselaer Technology Park North Greenbush
24 Little Hoosic River gorge and waterfalls at Petersburgh Petersburgh
25 Factory Hollow falls Pittstown
26 Barberville Falls Poestenkill
27 Mill Creek Falls Rensselaer
28 waterfalls on Wynants Kill near Burden Lake Sand Lake
29 Schaghticoke clay gorge & waterfalls Schaghtcioke
30 Lower Buttermilk Falls, Tomhannock Creek Schaghticoke
31 Hoosic River waterfalls & upper gorge, Schaghticoke Schaghticoke
32 Deep Kill upper gorge/waterfalls Schaghticoke
33 lower waterfalls on Paensic Kill near Speigletown Schaghticoke
34 Hidden Falls on Tomhannock Creek Schaghticoke
35 upper falls on Paensic Kill near Speigletown Schaghticoke
36 middle falls on Paensic Kill near Speigletown Schaghticoke
37 Upper Buttermilk Falls, Tomhannock Creek Schaghticoke
38 Moordener Kill upper waterfalls Schodack
39 Vierda Kill falls Schodack
40 small waterfalls on Vlockie Kill Schodack
41 cascade at Schodack Town Park Schodack
42 Moordener Kill lower waterfalls Schodack
43 upper (high) falls on Vlockie Kill Schodack
44 Muitzes Kill falls Schodack
45 high falls on south branch of Papscanee Creek Schodack
46 Oakwood Cemetery waterfalls near Garden Way Troy
47 Burden Falls (upper) Troy
48 Burden Falls (lower) Troy
49 lower waterfalls in Devil's Kitchen Troy
50 falls on Paensic Kill near Northern Drive Troy
51 upper waterfalls in Devil's Kitchen Troy
52 Oakwood Cemetery waterfalls at Crematorium Troy
53 waterfalls below bridge at Burden Pond outlet Troy
54 Oakwood Cemetery upper waterfalls Troy
55 Piscawen Kill falls in Frear Park Troy
56 Poesten Kill high falls Troy